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Proforma Invoice

Suggested Proforma Invoice/ Quotation Document Information:

  • Your company location, address that would expect to receive payment. (If payment address not on letterhead, note "payment address" elsewhere on document.
  • "Sold To" address for buyer who is negotiating the purchase and accepting sold goods.
  • "Ship To" address if goods are to be shipped to different address than what is shown in "Sold To".
  • Concise description of product being sold. If there are many items also show a basic description for those items (i.e. machine parts/ electrical equipment/ medical equipment/ type of kit or type of system). If you are shipping any type of machine, kit or system, be sure to add "plus accessories or plus spare parts" if there are additional items included in the order with that machine, kit or system.
  • If buyer requests HS number (overseas classification number) to be included in the description of goods, visit or (websites for classification advice). If you visit, this website can assist with finding the HS Code Number that corresponds with USA schedule B Number. Do not let buyer choose HS Number as it is the exporter of record/ seller's responsibility to classify their product. Click here if you would like to contact Park Solutions for assistance.
  • Complete price of goods, using correct incoterm which tells the buyer all costs the price includes. Be sure to include all costs the incoterm tells the buyer it includes. Your domestic pricing should not be used for goods to be shipped to an overseas location as there are costs incurred packing and shipping to overseas locations that are not incurred for sales delivered within your country. Click here to contact my office if you need assistance covering all costs.
  • Correct country of origin (where goods were manufactured). If your company is not the manufacturer, make sure you have the country of origin on record from the vendor. If you are the manufacturer but purchase spare parts or accessories from other countries, properly declare the correct country (or countries) of origin, if the spare parts or accessories are included in the order. Do not guess.
  • Wire payment instructions and terms of payment (30/60/90 days after date of shipment) for open account.
  • If the chosen form of payment is to be by letter of credit, "company policies" (instructions) should be attached to every Proforma Invoice/Quotation Document. Click here to contact my office for "suggested company policies".
  • If there is a contract or purchase order involved in the sale, make sure the document is clearly understood and does not disagree with the Proforma Invoice/Quotation Document. Click here to contact my office if assistance is needed to review any document for acceptance and approval.

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