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Five Star

Park Solutions led by Lisa Kmec is the recipient of our five star rating. We rate her one of the top LC consultants in the country. Extremely hands on, positive, thorough, detail oriented and highly knowledgeable. Seemingly always available to her clients. You would be hard pressed to find any one better. She bills hourly at less than a third the price of a high end attorney, and for many tasks adds twice the value. Park Solutions, dollar for dollar is one of the best top notch consultant values in the US.

C L Bruner
USA News Network, Dallas, TX

My name is Lisa Kmec. Many years ago I founded a company to assist exporters in collecting letter of credit payments. Even though I sold that company, with over 35 years experience, I continue to offer expert practical advice as Park Solutions. Click here to view customer comments.

If your company buys from or sells to overseas companies (or would like to), I can be of service. Park Solutions offers direct consultation by phone/ e-mail (reviewing contracts, purchase orders, letters of credit) or hosting of educational seminars (imparting information to improve communications/ internal policies). With my guidance, your company can protect profit margin, with terms acceptable to both parties, for current and future international orders. Click here to contact my office today for more information.

Any Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order, Contract or Letter of Credit can be reviewed to make sure terms are acceptable to both parties. Expert advice or continued education (seminar held at your chosen location) is available to assist your company with best way to handle all international sales/ international orders. Click here to contact Park Solutions for direct consultation or to schedule an educational seminar today.

Click here to review information that should be shown on every Proforma Invoice/Quotation document given to overseas buyers.

Contact Park Solutions for following services:

  • Protect open account orders by reviewing all e-mail/fax communications, purchase orders and/or contracts before goods ship. A message can be composed to resolve any issue, if needed
  • If payment is to be made by letter of credit, review of any purchase order or contract before the letter of credit is issued. Using quote information for the international sale, a swift format letter of credit template (example) can be composed as a courtesy to seller, to submit to their bank, to ensure an acceptable letter of credit is issued. Available to review the letter of credit application or the original letter of credit before order is released.
  • Suggestions for quoting (including correct use of Incoterms and custom regulations compliance) plus basic letter of credit payment policies can be provided by Park Solutions to your company, so these payment policies can be submitted to buyer with all Proforma Invoice/ Quotation Forms. Sharing this information with buyer (or overseas sales office) can assist with protecting your profit margin and ensuring a timely payment.
  • PARK SOLUTIONS Seminars offer more than any individual seminar hosted by a forwarder or bank because I impart information needed for all aspects of the international sale while forwarders and banks tend to focus on what affects their part in the transaction. A Park Solutions seminar is not billed per person. Your company is charged only for my travel expense plus the time spent for actual presentation. Park Solutions Seminars include a presentation with hand outs for all that attend. If you compare the cost paid for each entrance fee along with food/travel costs for multiple people attending a seminar elsewhere, you will find it is more cost effective to schedule a seminar with Park Solutions today, at your chosen location. Anyone in accounting, sales, customer service, order entry, shipping, logistics, etc. can benefit from this presentation. Click here to view topics of interest for available seminars.

Click Here to Contact Lisa Kmec at Park Solutions
for direct consultation or to schedule a seminar.

If your company is currently holding an original letter of credit, contract or purchase order that requires document compliance (to complete the payment negotiation process), I am in partnership with Watson Park Associates, a company that offers expert document preparation. Watson Park Associates' service commitment and quality of documentation is the best, by far, when compared to any other similar service. Call 412-637-9110 for more information or click here to be forwarded to Watson Park Associates website.

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