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"Lisa's training, covering the terms of sale and terms of payment, was so clear and helpful that the time seemed to fly by. Our attendees, consisting personnel from Accounting, Marketing, Supply Management, and Business Development all benefited from her patient and thorough training. It was a plus for all experience levels. "
Charles Holland
Elster Electricity LLC, Raleigh, NC

"What I have found helpful working with Lisa is the following:
-What is an L/C and what purpose does it serve?
-What an L/C is not and common misconceptions.
-Why do buyers use L/C? What benefits to they get from using them?
-Why do suppliers require LICs? What benefits do they get
from using them?
-How banks process and handle LICs.
-What is the UCP?
-Nomenclature of the L/C.
-How to read and interpret a L/C.
-Examples of how people have been burned when they thought they
were protected under their L/C.
Robert Henes
SE Asia, Elster Electricity LLC, Raleigh, NC

"I have obtained services from Lisa Kmec for over 15 years. She is very responsive to any question that you might have. Lisa has a great ability to lead you through any aspect of the letter of credit process. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with the assistance of Lisa Kmec. "
Michelle Bobnar
Clark-Reliance Corporation, Strongsville, OH

"Coding Products has been conducting business with Lisa Kmec since 2001. Our business relationship began with an on-site letter of credit seminar. Lisa Kmec has demonstrated vast knowledge in the area of the letter of credit processing. She has always been very helpful and patient when providing advice on various letter of credit issues, including export regulations and documentation.

Lisa takes care to ensure complete understanding when providing consulting services. She has assisted Coding Products with numerous extraordinary letter of credit situations and has never advised us inaccurately. Lisa's expertise is trusted and respected. "
Andrea McLean-Hill
Coding Products, Kalkaska, MI

"Lisa Kmec is knowledgeable, personable, extremely organized and has taken the time to explain and guide us through many of our 'export seminars'. Our facility has contracted Lisa Kmec several times to instruct Letter of Credit and Export Documentation seminars. The manner in which the seminars are presented enables the participants to easily understand and retain the complex and necessary export information. The handout materials are essential to creating effective export documentation and communicate the information to all departments involved. Lisa Kmec has perfected her training sessions to encompass everything you need to know for successful export transaction documents. "
Cindy S. Williams
Vogt Power International, Inc., Louisville, KY

"Lisa came to us highly recommended by a contact in our primary lender's Exim department. At that time, we were putting together a bid, which included a documentary letter of credit, that was international in nature and financed by the U.S. Exim Bank. At that point, we did not have much experience working with Exim, documentary letters of credit, and in the specific country at issue. Lisa was a tremendous help on this project giving us comfort that we were not exposed from a contractual receipt perspective and that we could actually produce the documents necessary to get paid. The bid, and the overall project wound up being very successful. One which, in fact, we use on our customer reference list. Since this time Lisa has consulted for us in time-sensitive situations and, again, provided very valuable advice. "
Scott Leeman
Babcock Power, Inc., Danvers, MA

"Most companies involved in international business will eventually deal with some type of letter of credit. If you've had some training, you may have knowledge on how to obtain an acceptable letter of credit or present a clean set of documents. However, how much of your valuable time is spent trying to accomplish that goal? I have spent years working with letters of credit and consider myself an expert, but in today's environment, productivity is a key factor to a profitable business.

Document presentation is a key component in obtaining prompt payment, however, the other key is obtaining a clean acceptable letter of credit. Park Solutions has the expertise to assist in this area through seminars and normal consulting. Using the services of Park Solutions is one of the best decisions we've made. It has made a positive impact to our bottom line and we have no plans to change that. "
Cliff Perteete
ABB, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

"Letter of credit shipments used to be such a burden for me. I have handed that burden over to Lisa Kmec and it has worked out quite nicely. She not only has extremely high accuracy rate with consultation concerning export documentation and acceptable letter of credit terms, she is also one of the very few people who ever win an argument with a bank over a letter of credit issue. I value not only our working relationship, but also the personal relationship we've come to build over the years. "
Rose Mary Dworek
MSA International, Pittsburgh, PA

"Lisa Kmec with Park Solutions provided a template to issue letters of credit used in purchasing equipment from sellers located in Europe. She also composed messages to resolve an issue of delayed documents that caused additional fees, to our advantage. Lisa's advice was invaluable and we plan to call on her whenever we are purchasing overseas, where the situation would require her services. "
Lance Reed
Big Horn Lift Truck and Equipment, Inc., Sheridan, WY

"The Export Department at Car-Freshner Corporation has been working with Lisa Kmec for several years. She is very knowledgeable and informative about letters of credit, and we have learned a lot from her. Due to Lisa's expertise in handling letters of credit, our company has never had to pay discrepancy fees. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to others. "
Vicki Tousant
Car-Freshner Corporation, Watertown, NY

Lisa Kmec has diverse experience and expertise both in international consulting and letters of credit processing. Her expertise has been displayed in the following areas:

  • AID Letters of Credit.
  • Extensive familiarity with UCP bank regulations and the ability to work with these rules to meet the customer's needs.
  • Thorough advice for sales personnel to protect our corporation's profits.
  • Very willing to share her knowledge through years of experience.
  • Great presentation skills.
  • Highly intelligent, knowledgeable and professional.
  • Confident in abilities, very thorough, dependable and trustworthy.

Erin S. Murray
Union Electric Steel Corporation, Carnegie, PA

"Park Solutions led by Lisa Kmec is the recipient of our five star rating. We rate her one of the top LC consultants in the country. Extremely hands on, positive, thorough, detail oriented and highly knowledgeable. Seemingly always available to her clients. You would be hard pressed to find any one better. She bills hourly at less than a third the price of a high end attorney, and for many tasks adds twice the value. Park Solutions, dollar for dollar is one of the best top notch consultant values in the US."

C L Bruner
USA News Network, Dallas, TX

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